arduity: Essays and Speculations.

This is a new venture featuring essays by 'external' contributors and readers, the idea being to provide a broader base of views other than my own and to cover a wider range of poets and interests.

John Armstrong on the Problem with Lyric A worringly coherent explanation of why current poetry is too poetic for its own good. With examples.

The Atlantic's 20 Strategies for Reading a Poem. With which we take issue and put forward some of our own .

Making friends with the Poem. In which we try and fail to work out what kind of personal relationship we may have with particular poems, featuring the work of Edmund Spenser, J H Prynne, R S Thomas, Keston Sutherland, T S Eliot and Robert Lowell. Done only in the hope that others may want to think about their own readerly relationships.

Eileen Trabios interviewed by John Bloomberg Rissman

Purdey Lord Kreiden: An introduction to Michael Thomas Taren as the master of the universe.

John Bloomberg Rissman: In the House of Hangman #1791- a wrestle with the Poem.

John Armstrong:David Jones, Christian Modernist and the Shape of the Poem.

Purdey Lord Kreiden.: Tony Duvert and the Moon.