Trigon Two: I-III

Aruski Rehab


                ...alum from Esalen sat through safe-house
    afternoons in Spaso Place    unbugging lamps and fixtures
    in her mind as the ambassador himself
    directed work on redwood hot tub where diplomacy could be 
    less formal and in fact stark naked
    odd to think all this was under Reagan though we might
    remember Nancy had her own psychics
    in the days John Denver sang  Let us Begin  and Russian healers
    walked by moonlight widdershins around
    the long and short of Wo Es War a great distance from the days
    in London when Diana had been positively vetted 
    and been turned down for service in The Firm because she 
    lived at sister Lady Kennet's place and had been seen
    with people like myself at Covent Garden
    shouting Bravo! Bravo! at the end of Onegin
    and The Queen of Spades, The Gambler and The Nose
    I was a fan of Russian opera then & D was
    a language student of the former secretary of the
    British CP in Hull whose standing joke was that
    she had "connections"――meaning that she met a lot of
    Labour party types among the toffs and tipplers just by virtue
    of her fashionable address on Bayswater Road
    everybody had a file at MI5 in those days even Harold Wilson
    if you know that name myself I lived in Islington
    with Igor who was busted for inciting riots on Traflagar Square
    and photographed at Heathrow handing over papers to
    the agents from Hanoi it was a heady time that first trip to
    CCCP disguised as a musico-literary scholar when I
    hitched a ride on Charlie Newman's manuscript (Ilyushin)
    Child's History (Swallow Press 1969) it would record
    what he was doing there but leave me out entirely which was
    what I asked――

              I thought I might obtain an interview with 
    Shostakovich Charlie saying why not try for Guy Burgess
    that would be a real coup I'll give you his address
    you like to play at spies and this would be the real thing of
    course so Wo Es War Soll Ich Werden don't you
    think? I thought it odd that D had been recruited by the 
    Russian Orthodox babushkas rather than the MI5
    by charismatic Bishop Anthony as chorister at Enismore Gardens
    all presided over by the family of Aliosha Behrs

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Sources for A Ruski Rehab

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Nancy had her own psychics. Nancy Reagan consulted with astrologer Joan Quigley on a regular basis with regard to the most favourable dates for the president's schedule.

Wo Es Wor Soll Ich Werden. Maxim originally coined by Sigmund Freud, an approximate translation is: "where the id is the ego shall be".

The firm. Colloquial term for the British intelligence services during the Cold War period.

Lady Kennet. Elizabeth Ann Adams, author (as Elizabeth Young), married Wayland Young (second Baron Kennet) in 1948.

Onegin / and the Queen of Spades, The Gambler and The Nose. Eugene Onegin (1879) and The Queen of Spades (1890) are operas by Tchaikovsky based on Pushkin. The Gambler is an opera by Prokofiev based on Dostoevsky's story of the same name, it was first performed in Brussels in 1929. The Nose (1929) is Shostakovitch's first opera and is based on Gogol's story.

Bayswater Road. 100 Bayswater Road, the London home of Lord Kennet and his wife (Elizabeth Young) was also where J M Barrie had written Peter Pan.

Harold Wilson. British politician and Labour prime minister 1964-70 and 1974-76. In his memoirs Wilson indicated that he felt he was monitored by the British security services.

Igor. Igor Webb, JM's housemate in Islington 1966-7. Author of (amongst others) Against Capitulation (1984), a memoir about his childhood spent in hiding in the mountains of Slovakia during World War II. Now teaching at Adelphi University.

Trafalgar Square. Up until the early nineties, Trafalgar Square was always the 'end point' for political demonstrations where the marchers would listen to speeches. It was the scene of many heated confrontations with the police.

CCCP. Cyrillic acronym for Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Ilyushin. A type of Russian airliner.

Charlie Newman. Charles Newman (1938-2006), American author, editor and teacher. His A Child's History of America" is a memoir of his travels in Europe and America in 1968

Guy Burgess.(1911-63) Soviet spy, from 1938 until 1951 he worked for the British secret service and passed secrets on to the USSR. He left the UK for Moscow in 1951.

Shostakovich. Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich (1906-1975) Russian composer and pianist, one of the major figures in 20th century music. He had a complex and difficult relationship with the Soviet state but (under dubious circumstances) had joined the Communist Party in 1960 at the behest of the Kruschev regime.

Russian Orthodox Babushkas. "In Russia: a grandmother. More generally: an elderly Russian woman" (OED).

Archbishop Anthony Andrei Bloom (1914-2003), the Metropolitan bishop for the Russian Orthodox Sourozh diocese for Great Britain and Ireland. The diocesan cathedral is in Ennismore Gardens in London

Aliosha Behrs. With his wife, Olga, Aliosha was a prominent member of the cathedral's congregation, they organised tsarist summer camps at their cottage in Wales during the early sixties.

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