who didn't as in Nash carry heraldry of love before
    ambition――militat omnis amans  and a knotted sword―― but
    bore off into battle on a quarter of his shield
    sign of him who'd be an heir apparent poet that he thought
    he was――
                   or just a single missing gene enough for
   Lesch-Nyhan syndrome touched
    the tender button 4 awaiting JM2 from BBC his taped program
    not yet on but grim assessment of the Lesch-Nyhan
    by a doc who's treated those who bite their fingers off  who eat 
    their lips and tongue               if a poet had Lesch-Nyhan it would
    eat itself starting with a word or two and then a passage 
    and if not restrained would aruski rehab roadex reflex chez harvey
    goldberg gorge itself on bad-karma avant-garde
    and sine wave frequency to fix parameters and modulate beyond
    irradiated earth            if some poet had it he would
    chew the fingernails the cuticles writing hand until it bled his wife
    would take him to the dentist have his teeth extracted saying 
    eats everything and is a danger to himself & others
    if an old man had the syndrome he would chew his past like cud
    praying for robotics to evolve a system where he'd download
    himself his mind & soul and be immortal and if JM2's computer
    program had it ah but
                                          2 on 4 displaces  the concerned and patient
    doctor's voice it's all heraldic once again
    he promises this tech of artificial cortex made of artificial
    neurons will by God rebeam to Britain Britain's song singing self
    into existence typing at my task on 15 June 08 
    I'm interrupted by a phone call saying           Leila's born
    little girl keep me from my nightmares when I write grand-daughter 
    bring your mother peace         daughter bring your daughter
    love      grandfather don't give up your work
    when fists clench and palms bleed you suck your lower lip
    don't put your tongue between your teeth
    don't get too close to other people if a doppelgänger had 
    the syndrome

    JM2 is well into his gig on 4 and JM1 is back on track 
    trace elements of trigon for an old war drafting back to ball & lute
    triplicity and third harmonic fire     water     earth
    shadow-play Karaghiosis as the hero & Spiridion the saint in Paris
    the pornographer receives a zero letter in heraldic hand 
    I fear a war is coming on
    the parachutes will flower from the bellies of eviscerated

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Militat omnis amans. "Every lover is a soldier" from Poem 9, Book One of Ovid's Amores.

Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. A genetic disorder which is most common in males and is caused by the body's failure to build and break down purines which help make up our genetic blueprint. It is not known why there is a link between this problem and the destructive chewing behaviours.

Sine wave frequency. Sine waves in sound represent regular and 'smooth' oscillations in the air, the frequency of these waves determines pitch.

Triplicity. In western astrology a triplicity refers to the group of three signs that make up the four elements- Fire, for example, has Aries Leo and Sagitarius.

Third harmonic. The sound with the third lowest frequency.

Shadow-play Karaghiosis - is coming on. Cf. Section 1 of Islands, Inlands.

The parachutes will flower. Cf. Section 3 of Islands, Inlands.

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