great ley line down which strange powers & the old Morgan
    Igor let me borrow used to surge――
                                                          I'd drive from Cambridge
    on the A-11 straight toward Thetford
    then cut east for Bury and the coast surprised that
    my sophisticated lady whom I then associated only with
    her eyeshadowed miniskirted urban years had lived so long
    a closet bluestocking femme fatale not at chez anything grand
    but in Hacheston a tiny village barely on  the map
    a microdot half an inch from Framlingham I couldn't guess
    and would have been incredulous had someone told me
    that I'd spend a dozen years myself celebrating roads the dodmen
    had aligned on prehistoric equinoxes wells that bent
    the dowser's rod the old stones the shingle beach and single
    sailors kedging over sandbars or the Nine Men from
    somewhere in beyond imploring Wandil's favour as they rode
    the Alde from Orford Ness to Snape Bridge
    backs against the morning sun oars against the tide
    ings: Crooked age on three knees creeps the street
    unless you pick a single rose and 
    leave it in the Aldeburgh churchyard all aflame
    on Ben Britten's grave and maybe even if you do
    dare to kiss betimes upon the grass or
    in the hay; fly Venus and Phlebotomy instructed by the song
    a strange verse a strange goddess that Phlebotomy
    they'll test your blood for poison even when you conjure up 
    already health and merriment in June from JM1 
    to JM2: I'd place a solar powered sound box here the bells
    ring it's someone's wedding and although 
    the rental that we drive isn't Igor's Morgan any more and all
    the pedlar's way to Hacheston and Fram is just
    a path for drovers with their sheep that rematerialize beyond
    the Norman tower you can turn with Feonic tuning
    surfaces adjacent into loudspeaking stone click here to let
    us know your thoughts you'd never guess the 
    rigid father on the tomb of Henry Howard was the boy
    who broke out windows of the London burgesses
    and stepped from prison in the Fleet to legend in the gallery
    at Arundel and Thomas Nashe's prose I said 
    and D says watch your driving stay for heaven's sake 
    on the right side left side of the road
    a shield's quarterings could spell the end of such a man as you
    and no-one laughed before the scaffold
    that he mounted in a January rain of the next year――

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The old Morgan. A range of classically styled sports tourers built by the Morgan Motor Company.

On the A11. A main road from London to Norwich , there is now a bypass around Thetford.

The dodmen had aligned. According to archaeologist and ley line specialist, a dodman was a prehistoric term for a land surveyor.

The Alde from Orford Ness to Snape Bridge. The Alde is a Suffolk river which rises near Laxfield and reaches the North Sea at Shingle Street. Orford Ness is a shingle spit which is ten miles in length. Snape Bridge is on the Alde and is the site of Snape Maltings concert hall and arts complex which was founded by Benjamin Britten and opened in 1967 Cf JM's Rivers from An East Anglian Diptych in his Collected Longer Poems..

Crooked age on three knees creeps the street. From the song Shine Out in Britten's Spring Symphony song cycle.

Ben Britten's grave. Edward Benjamin Britten (1913-1976), British composer and founder of the Adeburgh Festival. Britten is perhaps best known for his Peter Grimes and Billy Budd.

Dare to kiss. From the Finale to Britten's Spring Symphony song cycle.

Henry Howard. Earl of Surrey (1516/17-47), courtier, poet and soldier. the castle at Framlingham was one of many of his father's (the Duke of Norfolk) properites. Howard was held for a month in Fleet Prison in 1542 following a duel. He was executed for treason because he insisted on bearing the royal arms and insignia, thus threatening the authority of the crown, and buried at St Michael's church in Framlingham.

Legend in the gallery. Arundel Castle has a portrait of Howard standing between two of the disputed shields.

Thomas Nashe's prose. Nashe (1567-1601) was a prolific and controversial writer of the late Tudor period. His The Unfortunate Traveller has Henry Howard as a main character and is considered by some to be a prototypical novel although Nashe referred to is as a chronicle.

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