happy as I've ever been

                                                  & saw a need
    abiding there and
    taking form         it's not from kin in your control
    hard to say much more than farm & that              frame
    's not to be discounted to
    a point it isn't seen or heard   the kettle on the hob
    and up upon the pastor hill     cattle
    walking in a little word            more than that the hermeneutist all
    trigonic as a technicolor splash          hay wain
    wainscoting or the rain            haven't much to do with it but still
    you might place a neuron unit 
                            on an empty cottage's decaying windowsill

    and here as part of JM's model of the 
    cortex if I've overstood (1) your question paperly and
    (2) the Damascene converters in your car        so you may pass
    the sign and you may miss your turn
    it's picturesque and synesthetic on the left and right
     Feonic F1 Drive
    perhaps it's best located in the night

                 any surface is a loudspeaker speak
                 last in less time it takes to sink an enterprise
                 an exitprise

                 parse at quick pace and press at will
                 brain did it say barn

    coda is a Kodak moment meister     clickquack                         clack

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A Kodak moment A phrase used by the Kodak company to advertise their film for cameras. Now used to describe "a sentimental or charming moment worthy of capturing in a photograph".

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