tells me that the members of his next commission voted on
    their independent ley lines for a cortex
    made up of neuron units placed throughout the country in 
    such places as dairy farm cathedral football stadium primeval
    forest ancient castle motorway the Liverpool house
    of Paul McCartney underground upon the desk that Churchill
    used in Cabinet War Room where ma femme aux hanches
    de lustre et pennes de flèche becomes graffiti
    on the walls of air

                                    all simulated neurons stimulated by
    whatever sounds form an instrument comprised
    of sound boxes solar powered streaming as a network of
   Feonic F1 drives and amplifiers 24 channels flowing to a central
    space to recombine and broadcast oh just look it up here   
    it's all pretty complicated 
    though we still look a little like the B-A#-D-C# of things
    du bleicher Geselle! Da steht auch ein Mensch
    and I've got this text message here from Wilkinson who says 
    the metaphor's a little strained if we describe the
    24 neurons  as a human brain            a woodlouse he is sure has
    brainpower on a vastly larger scale.

    Underground again where I meet D in still another corner
    of the poem where I had written of her father walking 
    through the square and whistling Pax
    arpeggiated main theme & then Pay the trilled figure following
    Pax was also known as  cockpit section of an aircraft
    used for training Pax in genetics a transcription factor
    used for helix-turn-helix nine member proteins but it wasn't just
    training wasn't just practice if you walked whistling through
    the sandbagged doors as duty officer reporting thermite incendiary
    hydrants working in this zone and overheard the PM say
    the Deputy has parachuted into Scotland on his own
    initiative I simply won't go out tonight to hear that lady play piano 
    in the crypt
                          While D deposits in the War Room archive
    papers from those days I look at maps and banks
    of telephones              the Bell Laboratory Sigsaly Scrambler all
    packed in basement rooms at Selfridges with tunnels
    through to just one phone just here where PM could whisper
    secrets through the relay racks and shifting frequencies to FDR
    while D's father pointed at the map which showed the
    movement of Iceni all along the Icknield Way.

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Ley Lines. These are purported to be lines of alignment between features in the landscape used as trackways for many centuries prior to the Roman invasion. The existence of these lines is still a matter of controversy. Cf JM's Ley Lines from An East Anglian Diptych in his Collected Longer Poems.

Cortex. The cerebral cortex is a sheet of layered tissue forming the outermost part of the brain. The cortex is involved in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness.

Ma femmes aux hanches. From the poem L'Union Libre by André Breton (1866-1966), French writer and poet who founded the Surrealist movment.

Wilkinson. John Wilkinson (b 1953), English poet. His most recent collection is Reckitt's Blue, he is currently Professor of Practice of the Arts at Chicago University.

Another part of the poem. See Hess / Hess 6.

The Deputy has parachuted into Scotland on his own. See Hess / Hess 7.

Selfridges. Major department store on London's Oxford Street.

Iceni. A tribe of Celts living in Norfolk and north-west Suffolk prior to the Roman invasion of 43 CE.

Icknield Way. One of Britain's oldest roads that goes from Norfolk to Wiltshire. It has been suggested that it was first used by the Iceni tribe, the road was first mentioned in an Anglo-Saxon charter of 903 CE. Cf JM's Ley Lines from An East Anglian Diptych in his Collected Longer Poems.

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