presso after drinks or maybe port.
                                                      About the other John Matthias
    I've been curious since he entered Roadex Reflex
    on the drive along Rt 1 in California to Big Sur. He didn't know
    that he was there or that he had a JM doppelgänger 
    chasing him around the internet and following his work. I can't make
    the Rose and Crown in Sandford on the 7th but I know he's
    got a dialogue working in his music between gigs he does with
    WaxRoom  Coldcut  Radiohead Etc where no one's brain is
    wired to produce an unpredictable but patterned firing of the neurons
    only the guitars. But that's for relaxation or some stash.
    When I hum a theme deriving from the spiking neurons synchronizing
    patterns fed as MIDI data manifest as light all plasticity
    synoptic voltage beyond threshold some potentiated some depleted
    in the x-axis y-axis unpredictable but never random then he knows
    that I've arrived to trigger an array of oscillators that can
    signal to all members and in real time. On May 10th we're face to face:
    the big rotunda of the BBC's Broadcasting House:
    du bleicher Geselle! Da steht auch ein Mensch, and Schubert
     just writes chords to start it off:


    I'm sorry to have chased you all around the world I say 
    and did you know the half cadence or at any rate the incomplete
    progression's in the key of B-minor both creating and traversing what
    we hear in Agnus Dei of the Mass from June 1828?
    I'm sorry also that I've stolen all your stuff but I've been fascinated
    and can barely help myself. He's much younger than his double
    and reminds me a bit of Joe Francis Doerr. We adjourn across the
    street to where instability of dominant
    will surely be increasingly more evident although the four-note
    B-A#-D-C# is spiking neurons doubtless now in both our brains while
    all the elements of doppelgänger sound in just four bars
    and if you soft pedal F# you'll conjure E wringing
    hands in Schmerzensgewalt's hermeneutic over pints where he

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Du bleicher Geselle! "Pallid companion! There also stands a man" fro Schubert's Doppelganger. Cf. Matthias' The Double: After Heine, (p. 195 of Collected Shorter Poems Vol.2

Mass from June 1828 The credo section of J S Bach's Mass in B minor was given its first public performance in Franfurt in 1828.

Joe Francis Doerr. A poet and musician living in Austin, Texas. He was an MFA and PhD student at Notre Dame. He has a book of poems with Salt, Order of the Ordinary, and two CDs with his rock group, Churchwood. He teaches at St. Edward's University.

Schmerzensgewalt's hermeneutic. A further quote from Doppelganger: "And wrings his hands overwhelmed by pain".

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