Trigon for an Old War: Three Drafts

Hess / Hess.


          d  nsshe and his alHof  out and off
    as mummery  s a much of amory's own
    muscle memory of stretched out string or aileron a Messerschmidt
    or Steinway Myra saying what? as parachute
    re-opens Parsifal and paper headlines
    Hess Arrives in basement of the National her proof of concept
    Russians for the moment fail to get it Do you let
    his wife perform all over England when he's Nazi number two?
    a sucking band of burning brands
    the orchestra not bad but  but Queen's Hall too taken a bad hit
    you know those hands must be like steel do
    you understand how much the forearms ache how much
    the back will almost break to brace 
    his reputation as an airman Fokker D before his father's firm
    in Alexandria expropriated as the work
    of aliens beyond the opus 57 was the shelling of Vienna
    B hiding in his cousin's basement was this blitz
    the Marshals of Napoleon up on the Kahlenberg dropping
    shells outside or music

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Muscle memory. Many professional musicians are thought to benefit from an ability to recall and repeat complex pieces by relying on this phenomenon which is not fully understood.

Myra. Myra Hess, the English pianist who instituted and performed a series of daily lunchtime concerts in the basement of the National Gallery which ran throughout World War II.

Nazi number two. Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy who flew to Scotland in 1941 to make peace with the British. After the war he was imprisoned in Spandu prison in Berlin. He committed suicide there in 1987.

Queen's Hall. Concert hall in London, home of the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Destroyed by German bombing in 1941.

His father's firm. Rudolf Hess' father owned an import-export business in Alexandria which was expropriated by the British at the outbreak of World War One.

Shelling of Vienna. Napoleon's troops first took Vienna in 1803.

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