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(1) Latin: both a ball to play with and a game played by ancient Romans involving three players standing in a triangle. Players caught with the right hand and threw with the left. Cf. Petronius, Satyricon, where the pilecripus, or score-keeper does not count the number of times the players successfully pass the ball, but instead the number of balls that drop on the ground. A joke? Or the actual method of scoring? (2) Astrology: three member signs of triplicity and third harmonic, 120 degrees, the most influential major essay aspect; blends planetary energies, harmoniously indicating the ease of expression; a group of three signs belonging to the same element: Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagitarius); Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn); Water (Cancer Scorpio Pisces). (3) D.C. Comics: all-powerful ruler of an alternate dimension who wishes to extend his influence to the earth. Cf. Mephisto. (4) Music: A three-sided ancient Greek or Roman lyre. A neume of obscure interpretarion used in the notation of manuscripts from the Abbey of St Gall. A German based fusion band characterized by many changes in its line-up and by jamming as a source for their music. (5) Gemology: triangular etch pits seen on natural surfaces of a diamond. (6) Poetics: A set of three poems each in seven sections of varying length. May involve many changes in their line-up and jamming as a source of music. (7) Plural: Logic puzzles published by Dell Magazines and others; title of a book by John Matthias.

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JM:I have read the classical texts that seem to reference "Trigon," but when I came to translate the Horace ode in question, I changed "Trigon" to "baseball".

Triplicity."A combination of three of the twelve signs of the zodiac, each sign being distant 120° or the third part of a circle from the other two". (OED)

Lyre. Or a three cornered harp.

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