Trigon Two: I-III

Roadex Reflex


   a fluting     D      afloating A    anhip-
   pocampus reloops the timbres so you'd recognize it either/or
   a violin at junction that's parietal
   temporal occipital    you'd recognize a voice      brother/or
   sister can you spare a dime for anything millenial
   in real time or wrought through neural networks
   ecstasy?        readout       a renown
   whose red rover sent the wrighter over        Regent for oneself
   and pitch as pitch can              rode a motorbike those days
   a green Rabbit in from Mountain View
   the place I lived two years and had myself checked out
   for radiation now and then fearing as I did
   proximity to linear accelarator that was always firing something
   at me in my slum appartment at the end of that contraption's
   rifle barrel
                        D driving & already doubtless weary of my
   discourse my anecdotes let's just look at seals
   just look at all these rocks this sea
   and on the laptop A dear A and I hardly dare and after
   forty years you'll hardly care (a song tra la for amusiac agraphic
   palilaliacs perhaps) but looking for
   the William Burroughs site up popped your married name
   and you in fact professor now of all things
   Computer Science
   all weirdly wired like those Stanford grads long after us
   who took the world in their hands and changed it
   in a way no poet ever did. We'd have sneered at the advert
   in the right margin here where half naked girls
   whisper in the ear of Nerd we love it when you talk high tech you
   loved it when I talked about my story novel poem play
   the book I'd surely write one day had 
   written and would read aloud to you in bed I didn't
   need to write I knew it all
   by heart I'd sing to you like a bloody bard
   a bird a bad bad bad  delete delete arousal and reward
   lights up the ventral striatum and the amygdala
   meter says I love you to a reptile brain  & and saw the Watts riot smoke
   that drifted all the way into Big Sur our destination
   then & now with Jeffers Miller Kerouac for company our books
   Esalen baths and Tantric sex you can't really

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Textual Sources for Roadex Reflex

Robert Hass, ed., Rock and Hawk: A Selection of Poems by Robinson Jeffers.

Henry Miller, Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch.

Jack Kerouac, Big Sur.

Jack Kerouac, On the Road: The Original Scroll.

Ann Charters, Kerouac: A Biography.

Robert Louis Stevenson, The Amateur Emigrant.

Claire Harman, Robert Louis Stevenson: A Biography.

Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island.

John Steinbeck, Cannery Row.

Jeffrey J. Kripal, Esalen.

Gabriele Poole, trans. John Matthias, Nuotando a messanotte.

John Milton, Comus.

Robert Duncan, Roots and Branches.

Anhip-pocampus. A major component in the human brain with an important role in both memory and spatial navigation.

Parietal temporal occipetal. In anatomy these are all lobes of the brain.

Green Rabbit. The Rabbit was a type of motor scooter made by Fuji Heavy Industries between 1947 and 1968.

Mountain View. Californian city on San Francisco Bay.

Linear accelarator. The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center was founded in 1962 in Menlo Park which is just north of Mountain View.

D driving. Diana (nee Adams), Matthias' present wife.

Dear A. Ann Burroughs (nee Evans) was Matthias's first wife. He met her at Stanford in 1963. It was a very brief marriage. She studied classics at Stanford but later did graduate work in computer science and taught that subject for most of her career

Amusiac agraphic palialiacs. Amusia is a "condition in which there is the loss of a musical ability, such as the comprehension of music, the production of music, or the ability to read or write musical notation", agraphia is "the loss of the ability to write intelligibly or to express ideas in writing, resulting from damage to certain areas of the brain", palilalia is "disordered speech characterized by involuntary repetition of words, phrases, or sentences" (all OED).

William Burroughs. William Seward Burroughs II (1914-1987), American writer best known for his novels and short stories. Along with Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, Burroughs was a leading member of the Beat Generation, best known for his novel Naked Lunch (1959) which was made into a film in 1991 by David Cronenberg. Norman Mailer once described Burroughs as "the only American writer who may be conceivably possessed by genius".

Stanford grads. The founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were both phd students at Stanford University which also spawned many other tech entrepeneurs.

Ventral striatum and amygdala. Areas situated deep within the brain. The ventral striatum is thought to be involved with evaluating risks and rewards whereas the amygdala is associated with the processing of emotions.

Watts riot smoke. The biggest rebellion of the Civil Rights era, the Watts riot took place over 6 days in August 1965 during which time 34 people were killed and $44 million worth of damage was incurred.

Jeffers. John Robinson Jeffers (1887-1962), American poet who spent most of his life after 1913 in Carmel, on the Californian coast.

Esalen baths. One of the features of the Esalen Institute.

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