Sonnet: Send

    Dear Bob and Michael although I'm pretty sure
    This book contains a good many typos
    And other kinds of carelessness, I'm sending it
    Along to you as an attachment.

    Please print it out and put it in a safe place.
    Some time or other it may be in a satisfactory
    State to publish. Meanwhile it makes me
    Feel easier to know that at least two friends 

    Have a rough copy in their possession.
    I had meant to include my usual page or so
    Of notes and sources and, as it were,

    The dramatis personae. Haven't done that yet.
    I'll be away for a while, but back in touch
    Eventually. Here come the Trigons. Yrs, JM.

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Bob. Robert Archambeau is a former student of JM and a scholar of his work. He has probably written more on JM's poetry than anyone else and edited Word Play Place: Essays on the Poetry on John Matthias in 1998. He is active as a poet, critic, and blogger. He teaches at Lake Forest College in Illinois. His most recent book of criticism is The Poet Resigns.

Michael. Michael Anania is an American poet and former poetry editor at Swallow Press, which published the first three of JM's books in the US. He is one of JM's oldest friends and a person with whom he has been in almost daily communication for forty years. He was also editor of Charles Newman's A Child's History of America, a book that figures in Trigons.

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