Trigon Two: I-III

Sonnet: Trigon Note, Revised

   No Romans but involving at least two
   Players with a right hand and a left,
   The right hand may not know what
   The left hand is doing

   But it doesn't matter any more. An actual
   Method of scoring: Players must
   Abide triplicity and third harmonic, 120 degrees,
   And group signs according to their element.

   No Romans but remains of California 1963-65,
   CCCP 1967, Paris, 1968,
   and London off and on involving two players

   Anyway but no Romans. Many changes in
   The lineup by the fusion band (1) but
   GreeK and Roman lutes are herewith disallowed.


   (1) Strong band sum is a natural construction from links to dichromatic
   links. We compute Hoste and Kidwell's dichromatic link invariant
   of a strong band sum in terms of monochromatic invariants of the 
   data (original link, band). It turns out that the two-variable Conway
   polynomial of a strong fusion only depends on the monochromatic
   Conway polynomial of the original link. In particular, it does not
   depend on the band. Cochrane's series of concordance variants is
   discussed in this framework.

   Partially supported by NATO via DAAD

   (Google search: "I'm feeling lucky")

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Triplicity."A combination of three of the twelve signs of the zodiac, each sign being distant 120° or the third part of a circle from the other two". (OED)

CCCP. The Russian (Cyrillic) abbreviation for the Soviet Union.

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